Innhold i bind og tamponger

Ingredients in pads and tampons

I hadn't thought of that before launching Flove. I was prepared that it was going to be difficult to get the menstrual cups onto the Norwegian market. I engaged advisers who are experts in medical products. They were as shocked as I was when they found out that there were NO requirements Flove had to meet before launch (the Flove menstrual cups are quality assured anyway). In my mind, this is about basic women's health not being prioritized, at all. Today you can buy menstrual products online, which you have no idea how they are produced, what they are produced...

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Flove i Melk & Honning

Flove in Milk & Honey

Smart, innovative products for modern women. Among these is the Norwegian Flove which this week, well timed with International Menstruation Day on Tuesday, is launching pastel colored menstrual cups designed and developed in Norway.

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Hva er en menskopp?

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a cup-shaped device that you place INSIDE your vagina when you have the menses. It collects the blood instead of absorbing it like pads and tampons do. To get the menstrual cup into the vagina, you fold it  lengthwise and leads it in in your vagina until it "pops". 
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