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” Can sanitary products be sustainable?

Yes! Period.

If you knew that there existed a re-usable sanitary product that protects you for 12 hours, without any toxic chemicals, and in addition would save you a lot of money – would you buy it?

Yes, that’s a leading question. And yes, that product actually exists!

It’s called a menstrual cup, and we’ve had a chat with Flove and it’s founder, Jeanett Pettersen, about the benefits of using it.

A waste issue

– Your vagina is the most absorbing organ of your body, and many conventional menstrual products contain potentially toxic chemicals, perfume, pesticides from cotton production and other hormone disruptive substances. I wanted to develop a menstrual cup that is well documented, that can help women with their menstrual challenges and at the same time do good for the environment, says Jeanett Pettersen.”

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